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Web Manager Windows Permissions Groups

A batch file is attached to this page which will automatically create the local groups listed below. Select 'attachments' in the top right corner to download the file.

Web Manager

  • PBWM_User - general access to Web Manager (required!)
  • PBWM_Admin - Web Manager admin

Data Manager

  • PBWM_DM_User - general access to Data Mining
  • PBWM_DM_People - Data Mining People
  • PBWM_DM_RunningOrder - Data Mining running order
  • PBWM_DM_AllShows - Data Mining - allow any show to be queried against

System Configuration

  • PBWM_Config_ShowAdmin - allow PB config shows/dispositions/directories to be changed
  • PBWM_Config_SystemAdmin - allow PB config to be changed
  • PBWM_Config_SystemDelete - allow a system in PB config to be deleted

Prize Manager

  • PBWM_PM_User - general access to Prize Manager
  • PBWM_PM_Admin - Prize Manager admin
  • PBWM_PM_PrizeManager - control of prize stock
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