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The Chat facility allows simple messaging between PhoneBOX workstations. It is ideal for passing brief messages between Producers and Presenters, or Call Screeners and Presenters for example. It is particularly useful when PhoneBOX is used for outside broadcasts, as it is likely that normal audio talkback facilities may not be available, and therefore an immediate text based system is beneficial.

Chat messages are sent to all PhoneBOX clients who are logged into the same show as you, so everyone who is doing something with your show (call screeners, producers, the presenter) will all receive any chat messages. The chat screen can be unpinned from it’s location and moved anywhere on the screen.

If the chat tab is not visible, and a new message is received, the chat icon on the toolbar will flash between the usual chat icon and a yellow exclamation to alert the user to new messages.


Once you look at the chat tab it will stop doing this, but will resume if another message comes in when you have moved away from the chat tab.