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PhoneBOX Web Manager Extras

The Web Manager is included as standard and provides easy editing of shows and viewing disposition and services information. It’s also possible to setup integration with Voicemail Pro through Web Manager, Web Manager will also be used by your systems technical contact or bionics support for reconfiguring the system.

If you wish to further enhance your web manager however, you can purchase additional elements such as data mining which enables you to full exploit the caller database, searching for callers based on name or other information. There is also a prize winners module which enables you to fully manage the prize winners that have come in through PhoneBOX, ideal for stations running regular competitions. Finally our old Stats application, the first of the PhoneBOX add-ons has been updated and is now web based and part of the PhoneBOX web manager, this application provides statistical and graphical analysis of call volumes over given times, for particular shows etc.

IVR Integration

PhoneBOX now has IVR integration allowing additional flexibility for sharing, creating an analysing caller data with an IVR provider.


PhoneBOX is now able to offer VOIP extensions within the system meaning you can have call screeners or producers on any PC without the need for a phone. Once the necessary hardware is purchased for the PhoneBOX engine you simply need a VOIP license and USB headset for each position you want to be VOIP enabled.

Server Syncing & Chat between Servers

Broadcast Bionics now offers an optional module to allow two or more PhoneBOX servers to be connected together. This means you can share your caller databases between sites, meaning that a banned call at Site A is also marked as banned at Site B. This same technology also allows you to run the Call Screening for a programme at one site, and to then call the chosen listeners back from another site. You can even chat instantly between sites!

The latest IP500 engine also has the ability to be upgraded to include the ability to link to another engine, providing extra resiliency if lines go down or to enable stations to call each other over VoIP.

PhoneBOX Hybrids (TBUs)

Broadcast Bionics offers Analogue and Digital TBUs that are fully optimised for use with the PhoneBOX system, these come with suitable line cord, mains and are available in both single and twin rackmount variants. Contact us for more details.

PhoneBOX GPIO Interface

Broadcast Bionics now offers five different GPIO units to allow interfacing of fader open commands, ring lamps, and other third party systems with PhoneBOX server. The GPIO box comes with either serial or IP (network) interface and with either 8 or 16 inputs/outputs. New! – We now offer a 32 inputs/outputs version of the box, this one is available as IP (network) only. Contact us for more details.

Voting Module

Our new voting module allows quick and easy voting menu structures to be put together with audio prompts at different levels. The results, captured from your callers DTMF responses can be pasted into PhoneBOX live, as they come in. Contact us for more details.

Caption Generator Plug-in

For Customers in TV, we can offer our Caption Generator plug-in. This allows fast and direct export of name and location data from PhoneBOX to populate fields defined on your caption generator. This completely avoids the need to re-key names and other caller details when you use callers on TV! Contact us for more details.

PhoneBOX MOH Box

All PhoneBOX systems support a single hold music feed supplied to the system. If more than one hold feed is required for a system, for example, when there are AM and FM services which each require their own feed an MOH box is required. The box comes in single and dual configurations, the single taking the feeds from 1 to 3 and the dual increasing it to 6.

Codec Integration

We are please to offer integration services with Broadcast Codecs allowing easy dialling from within Phonebox. We currently have support in place for AudioTX, Nica-X, Glensound and Pronto codecs. We also offer development services to support new codecs if required.

Note – all of the above items are chargeable extra items (unless indicated) and are not included with a standard PhoneBOX system purchase. They can also be added later to any existing system.