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Typical screen layout

Shown below is a typical screen layout for a PhoneBOX Client.


Each installation will vary slightly, depending on the number of lines displayed, and also on the number of handsets and TBUs / hybrids shown. This manual refers to handsets and TBUs / hybrids as ‘devices’.

The Active Device

The device which has it’s box lit up in yellow indicates that that is currently the ‘active’ device (TBU2 on the above screenshot. In simple terms this means that any dialling or routing actions that are carried out will, until another device is made active, be actioned on the this device. This also includes calling people back from the call log section. To change the Active Device To change the active device, simply click on another device in the box above it’s name. The box on the device you have just clicked on with turn yellow and the previous will show grey indicating it is no longer the active device.

Linebox Layout

Shown below is an example of a typical linebox on a PhoneBOX screen. Many of the features shown are beyond the scope of this Getting Started section. The linebox will be covered in greater detail later in this manual. An explanation of the basic elements is given below.

Call State

The Call State information tells us what state the call is currently in. In the example above, the call is on the Studio 1 handset, probably talking to the presenter before they go on air, the line changes to match the colour of the device (green). If a call is parked the line changes to a light green state (light green is the colour all calls will go when they are parked). The device name in the top right will also changed to “Parked” as below.

The other state of a call you will see often is ‘Ringing’, when a call is ringing it will alternately flash blue then yellow as below, it will cycle being blue and yellow until answered and in the top right you can see that it is identifying itself as ‘Ringing’. You’ll note that when ringing the line box will also display the last time that caller phoned in and how many calls they have made in the past week.

When connected; the line and device that the call is on will change to a pre-selected colour for that device chosen when setting up the system.


PhoneBOX has comprehensive databases built into the system. This means that when a call arrives in the system, if it is from a known phone number (using Caller ID) then PhoneBOX will present on screen the caller name associated with that number if one is known. If not, the system will display the phone number of the calling party. If no CLI information is given by the caller then the phone number field will show as “Unknown” on the line until the name or number is filled in manually in the call details section, this is covered in Call Info further on.


In a similar way to the Name information presentation, PhoneBOX will also display a Location for the caller if one is known. If one is not known but CLI is present, then PhoneBOX will use its look-up database of STD/area codes and will display the nearest locality it can match to the area code part of the telephone number. Again, Location information can be entered manually using the ‘Call Info’ functions; again this will be covered in greater depth later in this manual. The amount of detail given in the area field will be dependant on where the caller is calling from and the amount of details in the database for your country.


The Point field is used to provide a brief description of what the caller wants to say so that producers and presenters are aware of each caller’s angle before they take the call.

Call State Timer

The Call State Timer shows how long the call has been in its current state. You will notice, every time a call is taken on and off of hold, this counter will clear down to zero.

Call Duration Timer

The Call Duration Timer is the total time that the call has been present in the PhoneBOX system. This timer does not reset when the call changes state. Please note, in the example where the caller is parked, the timers have a white background. This means that this call is the oldest call in the system. Every other active call would have been answered after this one and their timers will not have a white background.

Dialling a Call

The simplest way to dial a call in PhoneBOX is as follows:
  • Select the device on which you wish to dial from (this could be a handset or a hybrid). The yellow box will confirm you have made it the Active Device.
  • Click on an empty line
  • The Dial dialogue box appears. Enter the number you wish to dial