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Screen layout

How many lines can I display on screen as a maximum?

This depends on what size the lines are made and what screen resolution you are running. A system running 1024x768 for example can support a maximum of 10 lines if set to the default line size. Some experimentation is needed to get a layout that suits all users of a client position.

Call Screening

What can I do if callers block their CLI?

PhoneBOX can still store information against a phone number even if it has to be manually entered. Therefore, if you receive a call which doesn’t present any CLI information, with the caller still on the line go into Call Details, and ask for their number. Enter this information using the 'change person' button in call details. This will allow searching of historic records to match a person if they have called in previously, or create a new person record if they have not.

Call Queuing

I want to add calls to the queue but don’t want to work in Queue mode.

PhoneBOX offers a facility to allow users in non-queue mode to add calls to the queue in a position of their choice. This may require a Server setting, so contact your system administrator. With this mode enable, you can click a Queue button in the Call Details window which pops up a status window showing the queue. You can choose where in the queue to insert the current call.


I can’t add more than two calls to a conference

The IPOffice PhoneBOX system will not allow more than 2 calls in a conference *if* the lines by which those calls are arriving are analogue. This cannot be changed. We recommend digital (ISDN) lines wherever possible.