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Upgrading XScreen Lite

Upgrading from lite to the full version of XScreen offers the following benefits

  • More than one Buddy can be connected (up to ten).
  • The call log is no longer limited to showing calls from the last 6 hours only.
  • It is possible to search the call log/history
  • There is no longer a maximum of 5 alerts that can be set
  • There is no longer a maximum of 10 entries in the directory
  • Further directory groups can be added
  • GPIO functionality is enabled
  • Prizewinner emails are enabled
  • An html content panel is enabled

To upgrade to the full version of XScreen, simply click Upgrade To Full Version on the Telephony Toolbar (shown below). This will take you to the relevant page of the Broadcast Bionics website that will allow you to upgrade.


Note that the license applies to a single NX/iQ6/Hx6 unit so if you are running in a dual-show mode, both shows will have access to the improved features.

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