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The first thing you need to do is set up a competition
Navigate to Prize Manager > Competitions, and click the plus on the right hand side of the screen (Screenshot Coming Soon)
The ensuing screen contains the following fields:

Competition Name

Give your competition a name

Competition Type

Simple Prize, Simple Cash, or Accumulative Cash (auto-increment)


Shows any stations that have been configured


Select the show to which the competition applies

Parent competition

Select a previously created competition under which the new competition falls, if applicable

Date Range

Pick the dates that the competition runs between, using the date picker.

Competition Owner

Select the user in charge of the competition

Sponsor Details

Add details of the entity sponsoring the provision of the prize


Enter a description of the competition mechanic that is required to win the prize


Instructions to be read out on air regarding the competition/prize

Prize Winner Letter Template

Here you can specify whether to use an already assigned letter, the default letter, or to upload a Custom HTML letter. You can also click the link below these choices to preview the

letter. Clicking "Winner Letter" on the right hand side will popup hints on formatting a custom letter.

Prize Create From Client

Allow ro deny the creation a prize directly from PhoneBox client rather than having to allocate one already created in the Web Manager for this competition.

Prize Pool Prizes Winable

Ticking this allows prize pool prizes to be winnable for that competition, as supposed to having to specify them specifically for that competition. This could be especially useful

for "runner-up" prizes.

Competition Scheduling

When you set up your competition, you can then schedule it in.
Begin by clicking the 'Plus' button on the right hand side of the scheduling area, below the main 'Competition' section, revealing a screen with the following fields


The start date of the competition


The end date of the competition


The days on which you would like the competition to run, falling in between the two above dates


The times between which you would like the competition to run, on the above days

- Time ranges are added to a list using the "Add" button. - Multiple time ranges can be entered - There is also a tickbox to 'Repeat every hour for x hours' - Once all the relevant fields have been completed, and you have clicked create, you will then be taken back to the screen showing the competition details, where you can activate or

deactivate each scheduled run of the competition (Screenshot Coming Soon)

Competition Schedule

This will show the scheduled competitions on a calendar, that can be filtered by date and show

Prize Inventory

- To do this, navigate to Prize Manager > Prize Inventory. - To add a prize to the inventory, click the plus symbol to the right of the screen. (Screenshot Coming Soon) - You will then see this screen (Screenshot Coming Soon)

Prize Name

The name given to the prize you are adding to the inventory. This could be a product name or another name of your choosing


A more in depth description of the prize


This is a dropdown selection of the competitions that have been configured, and allow you to associate this prize with the appropriate competition


Upload an image of the prize

Prize Value

How much the prize is worth

Shipping deadline

When the prize has to be shipped, and therefore won, by

Supplier / Reason

Who is supplying the prize, and a reason if applicable

Received Date


How many there are of the prize to give away


Max Win Frequency

This is the maximum amount of times, in the specified time period, that a specific caller can win a prize in each competition.

Max Win Prize Value

This is the maximum value, calculated from the Prize Value figures elsewhere in the configuration, that a particular caller can win.

Default Prize Winner Letter Template

This is the default letter that can be sent to a prize winner, layed out in HTML. The following markers can also be used, and are replaced wwith the corresponding information when the letter is generated:

$competitionname$ - the competition name
$winnername$ - The winner of the prize
$windate$ - the date the prize was won
$address$ - the winner's address
$postcode$ - the winner's postcode
$date$ - the current date

Prize Fulfillment

This screen can be used to produce reports on competition winners using the following criteria:


You can also click the (Screenshot Coming Soon) button on the right to download an xml file containing the results The "Clear" button will clear any information you have added to any of the filters on this page.

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