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Line Locking


The line locking feature allows you to lock one or more lines so that those calls cannot be terminated accidentally. The facility is most useful for busy phone-in environments when high profile guests are holding, perhaps during a busy programme with lots of members of the public calling in on other lines. When a line is locked, even if the normal hang-up procedure is carried out, the call will not be terminated.

Locking a line

To lock a line:
To un-lock a line:

Dump mode


Dump mode may be used in conjunction with answering, queuing, or routing calls. It is especially useful for competitions where a number of wrong answers must be gone through before a correct answer is arrived at. It can be used either by the Call Screener, or the Presenter. If Dump mode is used when answering calls, the current call will be dumped (or terminated) when the next call is answered. If Dump mode is used when queuing calls, the current call will be dumped when the next call in the queue is used. If Dump mode is used when routing calls, the current call will be dumped when the next call is routed.

To enter Dump mode:
Two calls are in the queue, dump mode is active.

After Mark has been spoken to on air, Queue Next has been pressed which has dropped the call with Mark and put John on air.

Talkback mode


Talkback mode allows a call to be temporarily and easily routed to a device for a brief period. This is intended for use by Call Screeners who need to advise holding callers who are waiting to go on air how much longer they are likely to have to wait and so on. It works like an audio talkback system using the ‘push to talk’ principle, where all the time the switch is held down, you can talk to the caller. This feature is especially useful if used in conjunction with a headset and touchscreen as a large numbers of callers can be spoken to in a very short space of time.

To talk to a caller using Talkback mode follow this procedure. It is assumed the caller in question is already on hold.
In this mode any holding call you click and hold on will be routed to the active device for the duration you hold the mouse button down for.

To end Talkback mode, click on the Talkback icon on the top control bar. The yellow highlight will disappear.

Call Counter


A simple Call Counter is included in PhoneBOX. The counter can be set to show:
Each counter may be reset individually, or all counters be reset at the same time.

Choosing which Counter to display


Only one counter may be displayed at time. To choose the counter to be displayed follow this procedure:

Resetting one or all Counters

Toggling Calls to Air Counter

The Calls to Air counter may be disabled, if for example a pre-recorded call is taking place that should not form part of the main count of calls to air during the programme. To disable the Calls to Air counter follow this procedure:
To re-enable the Calls to Air counter follow this procedure:
Shown below is the Call Counter menu that appears when you click on the Call Counter icon on the telephony tool bar: Broadcast Bionics also offers a more advanced ‘offline’ Statistics package that can be used for more comprehensive call data analysis. Contact Broadcast Bionics or your local PhoneBOX dealer for more information.

Call Sequence Display

This facility allows you to see quickly and easily what order calls arrived in. It replaces the line number with a number representative of the order in which calls arrived. So, a call with a line number of 50 would be the 50th call. A call with a line number of 21 would the 21st call. You can reset the sequence at any time. This is intended for competitions where you want to take the 25th call for example Note – outbound calls will appear with no line number or call sequence reference.

Enable Call Sequence Display

The above example shows a system put into Call Sequence Display, the upper call is 17th in the sequence, and the lower call is 18th in the sequence. The line numbers have been removed on the unused lines.

Reset the counter while in Call Sequence Display

To disable Call Sequence Display

Ban Caller


By selecting this and then clicking on a particular LineBox you can ban callers quickly. and easily.

Drop all


This will display a prompt asking if you wish to drop all calls or not. By clicking yes, you will the drop all calls currently in PhoneBox.

Forward all