Did You Know

PhoneBOX is highly flexible. Outlined below are some of the features and facilities the system offers which you may not be aware of. Please contact Broadcast Bionics or your local PhoneBOX Representative if you would like more details. Further information on many of the features and facilities is giving later in this manual or on our website at www.bionics.co.uk

Use PhoneBOX at your Outside Broadcast

You can take PhoneBOX to your Outside Broadcasts. In order to do this you will need a fast web based virtual private network back to base. The PhoneBOX software used at the outside broadcast is exactly the same as what you normally use in the studio. You can see new calls arriving in the system, being screened, and being placed on hold. You can even route calls to the devices from the outside broadcast. All of the equipment stays back in the studio, and you simple take a PC or laptop with you the outside broadcast.

Route your lines to Voicemail for automatic call recording

Some or all of your lines may be routed to voicemail. Most PhoneBOX systems can have a basic voicemail package added at no cost, which allows you to play a pre-recorded message to your callers, and then to record their responses. This is ideal for recording callers on a request line, or perhaps for use after a discussion programme. All of the recordings are made an industry standard WAV (wave) files which can be imported into any standard audio editor. We can even indicate within the PhoneBOX Client application when you have new messages waiting. Using the PhoneBOX Client you can determine which lines are routed to voicemail. You could choose to route your main phone-in lines to voicemail for some of the time, or have some dedicated lines that always go to voicemail.

Sort Callers by Age, Gender, Quality etc

Using ‘Dispositions’ you can flag certain callers with different types of information. For example, you can set a quality grading against each caller. You can then sort through your calls in a list and ring back only the best quality calls you received. These are very customisable. Please speak to your PhoneBOX administrator if you need some set up.

IVR Integration

Another extra that can be added to the system is IVR integration, enabling you to handle calls from an IVR provider easily. This is particularly useful for competitions etc where you want to tell the IVR how many callers you want or when a winner has been chosen etc.