Call Control


The simplest way to dial a call in PhoneBOX is as follows:


To take a call that is already on a device, and place that call on hold (park the call), simply click on the line box of the line in question. The line box will turn green.



A ringing call in the PhoneBOX system will flash alternately blue and yellow on screen as shown below.


In situations where the caller is sending CLI information, the caller’s phone number will be displayed. If the caller is already known to the PhoneBOX database then the caller’s name will be shown in place of the phone number, as shown above.

To answer a ringing call:


Should a caller hang up their phone at the remote end then the call will automatically disappear from the PhoneBOX screen.

If you wish to terminate a call from the PhoneBOX, do the following:


Unparking a call is the same process as answering a call;

Call conferencing

Clicking the "Person" icon on any device will switch it in and out of conferencing mode.

Normally, the line will show:


... which means that the device can only take one call to itself.

When the multi-person icon is shown on the device, like so:


...then the device is in a mode that will accept multiple calls being dragged to it. For best performance we would recommend a maximum of 3 calls conferenced on any 1 device.

Call conferencing directly to devices

In the 3.3.x.x versions of PhoneBox3, by selecting a device with conferencing enabled as shown aboe, and then answering a call to this device, the new call will be added to the conference.