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Before installing PhoneBOX, you must think about which machine or machines will be your Masters and which will be Buddys. If you are running the NX in single-show mode, you need a single Master machine. If you are running the NX in a dual-show mode, you will need two Master machines, one for each show.

All other machines must be installed as Buddys and these will connect to the relevant Master in order to share information for that show. The Master machine runs the database that stores past call information and the Buddys get access to that information from the Master. For this reason, the Master machine needs to always be running PhoneBOX in order to allow the Buddys to connect to it. Running the main Control Room / Studio machine as the Master is the usual arrangement.

To illustrate the point, here are a couple of typical scenarios. Firstly, the diagram below shows a system running in single-show mode with a couple of call screeners.


And this diagram shows a system running in dual-show mode with a call screener for each show. More call screeners can be easily added by installing them as Buddy machines and connecting them to the relevant Master.


Once you have established your toplogy, run up the installer on the Master machine and follow the prompts. You will need to know the IP address of your NX and also its password if it has been changed from the default. This is the same password that is used in conjunction with the username user to access the NX's web configuration.

Once PhoneBOX is installed on the Master machine, a license will need to be generated.

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